Posted in September 2012

The Fastest Men On No Legs: Oscar Pistorius, prosthetic limbs & the role of technology in elite sport

For years debate has circulated around Oscar Pistorius and allowing him to compete in able bodied events at the Olympics when he may or may not have an unfair advantage.  Most recently he sparked further debate himself in the criticisms of the length of Alan Oliveira’s blades directly after his defeat in the 200m Paralympic final.  So what’s the difference? Does running on … Continue reading

Upcoming Events

We’ve been busy working away to find some more academics for your entertainment and this is a sneak peak of who you can expect to see in the next few months at Cafe Scientifique Tuesday 6th November Bryce Dyer, a senior lecturer in product design at Bournemouth University will be speaking.  More details to follow … Continue reading

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