Cafe Scientifique Tonight at 7pm

Tonight marks Bournemouth’s first Café Scientifique, taking place at Café Boscanova with doors opening at 7pm going on until 9.30pm.  Entry is free; just buy yourself a coffee or a glass of wine from the bar to keep our lovely hosts happy!


Kicking off proceedings will be the AECC’s Professor Jeff Bagust, who is also a Visiting Researcher at BU. Jeff will be delivering a talk entitled “Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow – The Cardiac Foxtrot”. This fascinating and entertaining talk will cover the topic of heart rhythms, how they are influenced and why our hearts need to respond to changing conditions.     We will then have an open forum for discussion, allowing you to ask any question you can think of and engage in enlightening conversation.


For anyone who can’t make the launch event on the 2nd October, a podcast of the talk will be recorded, available from the AECC website. Café Scientifique will then take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm, each time guaranteeing a welcoming environment and an enlightening discussion.


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