Cafe Scientifique Bournemouth is a great success!

Last week witnessed the inaugural Cafe Scientifique in Bournemouth, and we are pleased to report that it was a great success!

With 45 people snugly squeezing into the amazing Cafe Boscanova, Prof Jeff Bagust gave a fascinating, entertaining and accessible talk  on the “Cardiac Foxtrot” which covered the topic of heart rhythms, how they are influenced and why our hearts need to respond to changing conditions. After Jeff’s talk (and re-fill of the superb refreshments on offer), a lively discussed ensued. You can see the conversation on twitter here, and find the video of Jeffs talk here.

The organising team (Jonny Branney, Sharon Docherty, Becca Edwards  and Naomi Kay) received some great feedback, with comments including “a great night out – keep ‘em coming” and “these events will maintain their enjoyability”. For those of you that missed out, next month’s event is on Tuesday 6th November titled “The Fastest Men On No Legs: Oscar Pistorius, Prosthetic Limbs and the Role of Technology in Elite Sport” by BU’s Bryce Dyer.

Don’t forget that Cafe Scientifique will be taking place on the first Tuesday of every month. You can keep up to date with details on this site, via Facebooktwitter and by e-mail.


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