December speaker update

Surf and Algal Turf – a natural history of Boscombe Surf Reef

 Dr Roger Herbert – Senior Lecturer in Marine & Coastal Biology, Bournemouth University

We’ve all been hearing about the Boscombe Surf Reef for many years, with numerous headlines surrounding the controversial project.  Whilst it may not have turned Boscombe into Bondi, the surf reef has had a brilliant ecological impact.  Roger, along with Josie Pegg, has been monitoring the colonisation of Boscombe surf reef by marine life for the past 3 years. In Decembers Cafe Scientifique they will be presenting some of their findings. If you’d like an idea of what will be covered have a look here: Roger Herbert interviewed by ITV Meridian.


2 thoughts on “December speaker update

    • Hi there,

      We’re an event based in the UK and the town in which we’re based (Boscombe) has recently invested in an artificial surf reef. When this was built it didn’t work very well and then it was damaged (I think a boat ran over it but don’t quote me on that!) so this has caused a lot of controversy in the area. The bright side is, this has created an excellent new home for local marine life, so the December talk is all about that side of the surf reef and why it’s a good thing ecologically.

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